Still life  is a photographic work in which the process from flowering to withering is exposed for a very long time in a dark room (the shutter of the camera is opened for a long time and the picture is taken with an ultra-trace amount of light). I am shooting with a 4x5 film camera called a large format camera. The number next to each title (e.g. 967680ss) indicates the number of seconds the shutter was open at the time of the shooting. There are individual differences depending on the flower, but some flowers are long and have been photographed for about a month. In this work,  I tried to measure a whole life of living things with its trajectory and color. It is a natural providence that flowers die and decay due to gravity, but by taking this shooting method, the change in color and shape of the flowers should be able to be fixed on a single film, which in turn lumps the life of the flowers. It naturally included death, but I even felt some kind of the strong brilliance of life as well. 

C-print,  acrylic, wood, size is variable, 2020

top: “993600ss”- calla lily