World Break fast  is a photographic work that is a capturing moment when the breakfast is exploded on a table by gunpowder with pigment. When the artist has traveled to a country around the world, he set up and cooks the breakfast plate in a traditional style, and selects the color of the pigment from the image of the national flags to blow them up. According to the artist, the moment of the explosion causes a  question about a shape between appearance and disappearance as a fundamental existence of material. And the exploded breakfast also reveals human behavior or desire between night and day, and end and beginning as death and life.

Lambda print 152 x 110 cm, 2014 - 2016

top: Japanese Breckfast

British breakfast
Frech breakfast
German breakfast
American breakfast

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1: British Breakfast

2: French Breakfast

3: German Breakfast

4: American Breakfast