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Soul Reclaim Device is an activated sculpture which is designed to print photographs on water without the use of paper. This causes the printing photograph to vanish in the water over time. After one hour, as the monitor shows the name of whose portraits would be in the next, a new photograph would be printed again. In the fact, this sculpture prints many photographs of the deceased which I collected from all over the world since COVID-19 has been spread. In that work, Echoes, I hypothesized that the relationship between "water and life (or death)" might have some kind of affinity in various countries, regardless of different cultural backgrounds, historical views, races, and religious views. I had interviewed various people and collected data on photographs of the deceased family members. I believe that if it is possible to find a kind of mutual understanding of the view of life and death that is common across national borders through the "relationship between life and water" that the work has. For example, in the Christian sphere, the story that water regenerates life in the “Baptism" ritual is widely known, while in Japan, as seen in "Spirit boat procession", water leads to a new life as “Re-incarnation”, many stories of reincarnated are also known.   

Water tank, water, inkjet printer, PC, etc, 100 x 127 + 91 x 88 cm, 2018-2021

top: Soul Reclaim Device - "A portrait of my sister"

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