These works are performative sculptures with the complex processes of creating in terms of a voiding form. At the beginning of the process, shaping some certain English words with styrofoams. And the words will be covered all over by thermoforming plastic; Polycaprolactone. And then, the inside of the words would be burned down with a burner until all inside styrofoam would be gone, although the outside shell of the words was reformed and stand with the heat. 

*Commission work: IHI Inovation center, Yokohama

Burned out Styrofoam, polycaprolactone (heat-forming plastic), stainless steel, etc, 70 x 283 x 11 inch, 2019

You are gone, You are here


Burned out Styrofoam, polycaprolactone (heat-forming plastic), wood, etc, 70 x 212 x 11 inch, 2018