Anonymous portrait is a photograph that captures the whole burning light from the process of burning and disappearing the portrait photographs in a dark room. The original anonymous portraits for the work are ownerless portraits that the artist started to collect from vintage stores in NY. The abstract image created from this process makes these people ambiguous of the fact who or where or when they used to exist but also shows their dim figures on the prints in terms of a fainted memory of memory as if Alzheimer's dream does so.

C-print,  acrylic, wood, 2019-

top: "Thirty-one young women and men"

1_5 gentelmen on a table.jpg
2_A young American air force pilot.jpg
3_A black hair girl.jpg
4_Two gentlemen shake hands.jpg
5_28 football players.jpg
6_101 old people in a ballroom.jpg
8_5 men in the suits at a bar counter.jpg
9_Three young beautiful Polish women.jpg
10_A smiling girl in a dress.jpg

1   2   3   

4   5   6   

7      8   9

1: five gentelmen on a table

2: A young American air force pilot

3: A black hair girl

4: Two gentlemen shake hands

5: twenty-eight football players

6: one-hundred-one old people in a ballroom

7: five men in the suits at a bar counter

8: Three young beautiful Polish women

9: A smiling girl in a dress