Untitled (molding rain) is a performance that is based on the experience of sculpturing with ice.
This work was created in the process of  the artist's exploring the relationship between photography and sculpture. The artist thought that if he hypothetically projected something that disappeared, the two would be closer together. For example, if the act of taking a picture of something that disappears is to be developed as a sculpture, he thought that it would be the process of  "molding"  the icy melting things. When shooting an object with film, the film receives the light applied to the object (photosensitivity), transfers it, and prints it, which is the same series of activities “Positive (motif)→ Negative→ Positive(result)”  when sculpturing.

Performance view at Aichi Triennial
Iced rain, polycaprolactone, pedestal, camping burner pot, etc, 60min, 2016